Research in Teaching and Learning

The IRSE develops a video-based methodology of classroom teaching and learning and conducts research in various aspects of teaching and learning different school subjects. Through investigating the overlap between the subject-specific issues and the inter-subject similarities and differences, the aim of IRSE is to develop the concept of transdisciplinary pedagogy.

Platform for Communication Between Pedagogical Disciplines

Topics and problems solved in pedagogical disciplines are often very firmly anchored in the context of individual disciplines. Outside their disciplinary contexts, it is often difficult not only to solve these problems, but even to name them, as they are tied to disciplinary terminology and discipline-specific thinking. For this reason, interdisciplinary inspirations for solving such problems are in principle difficult, but they can also be very valuable. It is therefore desirable to build a stable platform that would allow effective collaboration between pedagogical disciplines and contribute to building a new culture of teaching and learning.

Traditional Concept of Pedagogy

However, the traditional concept of general pedagogy does not fulfil this role because it abstracts from the specific content of individual disciplines. It then moves on such an abstract level that it is difficult for students of teacher training to reflect on the specific learning situations supported by theoretical constructs of traditional general pedagogy. It might seem to them little relevant to their practice. Besides, it encourages its re-framing.

Concept of Transdisciplinary Pedagogy

We assume that the concept of transdisciplinary pedagogy needs to be elaborated and developed as a platform for communication between disciplinary pedagogies and as an opportunity to abstract and generalize topics dealt with in disciplinary pedagogy, but with a constant focus on specific content relevant to individual disciplines.

Transdisciplinary pedagogy enables to elaborate on the topics which are basically transdisciplinary, such as interdisciplinary relations in curriculum and teaching and learning. And which are topical in the new competency concept of education, such as transdisciplinary transfer of knowledge such as competency to solve problems. These topics are discussed on the common (more general) ground. Transdisciplinary pedagogy operated in the space between general pedagogy, which does not deal with content specification, and subject pedagogy, which finds it difficult to make more general statements.

Methodology of Transdisciplinary-Pedagogical Research

IRSE has been developing the methodology of transdisciplinary-pedagogical research for a long time. Within the CER/IRSE video study, research is carried out aiming not only at building a knowledge base in individual disciplinary pedagogies – physics, geography, foreign languages, physical education, but also relevant for transdisciplinary pedagogy. Besides discipline-specific analyses, analyses of discipline-neutral aspects of teaching in individual school subjects are also carried out. Consequently, analyses through interdisciplinary comparisons aim to deepen understanding of the general characteristics of teaching and learning processes. Methodology of a Video Analysis In addition, methodological issues related to the research in education based on a video analysis are solved, the greatest advantages of which are the potential for a multi-perspective and multi-disciplinary approach to the analysis and interpretation of research data. 

Objectives of IRSE

The objective of IRSE activities for the coming period is to continue with the methodical research in teaching and learning different disciplines at different levels of school education, to look for the ways to generalize subject pedagogy findings and to elaborate on the methodology of empirical research in transdisciplinary pedagogy.


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