Curriculum and Its Changes

We attempt to answer general questions related to the educational objectives and content specific questions related to the processes of production, implementation, realization and evaluation of curricular documents. Special attention is given to the examination of relations between the theory of curriculum, curricular politics and educational practice regarding the selected discipline-specific and discipline-general issues.

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Teaching and Learning

Knowledge concerning processes that take place in classrooms is produced in the projects. Related to this, IRSE develops the methodology of research in teaching and learning by means of video recording and runs research projects aimed at the selected aspects of teaching and learning individual subjects. Through the examination of the transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary relations, IRSE aims at developing the concept of transdisciplinary pedagogy.         

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Professional Development and Teacher Training

The third research area is research in the professional development and teacher training, which is understood as profiling at the faculties of education. It focuses on the process of professional development from a novice teacher up to an expert teacher. The development of a teacher’s professional competence is observed in the following areas with emphasis on the development of pedagogical content knowledge and professional perception.

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Three Topic Areas to Four Content Domains

We perceive the following domains as the basic areas of human knowledge and crucial ways of meeting the world:

  • domain of languages

  • domain of mathematics and natural sciences

  • domain of social sciences

  • domain of aesthetics and education

A long-term objective of IRSE is to build qualification (teaching qualification) and organizational structure so that the domain-specific research could be conducted in three topic research areas leading to transdisciplinary generalization. Teaching qualification of the core workers of IRSE does not cover all intersections, therefore the specialists from other departments of the Faculty of Education, other faculties of Masaryk University and institutes from both the Czech Republic and abroad are invited to cooperate on research projects.

Projects and Their Outputs

Special attention is paid to the production of research outputs. Besides individual examples of research, you can search the database of IRSE projects carried out since its establishment.  



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